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There will be times in our lives when, like Jesus, we will have a "Gethsemane experience."  Perhaps with pain and tears, we too may wrestle with a cup of suffering that we know God is asking us to drink.  But also, after asking him if there is any other way we can go and receiving a heavenly negative answer, if we say, "Your will be done." Whatever cup of suffering God asks us to drink, it could never be a cup like his and it will never need to be drunk alone!!!!!

Don't Allow Cancer to do this!

Cancer cannot take my FAITH away, it cannot have even a piece of my PEACE and certainly I won't allow it to determine my HOPE and DESTINY!!!


"I'm not Superwoman but I survived cancer and all of my needs are met daily.  I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up.  My life may not be  perfect but I am blessed!!!

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